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50% Off "Better Than Prime" Sale | Use Code FIRST50


Our Story

What do you get if you cross an Artist, an IT geek and a lover of shoes? Answer, Jumping Toads! (Thats me by the way, Martin!)

Jumping Toads is a family business. We have been in the art, design and homeware business for over 20 years. We pride ourselves on quality, on good customer services, and being quirky and different. 

Everything you see on Jumping Toads is designed by ourselves. Our art, our graphic design, our products. Purchasing one of our products means you are purchasing direct from us, the creators. 

Our collection of goods is deliberately eclectic. You will find goods with images of bread on it, you will find some of our art showing a pair of shoes up a tree, and everything in between. We believe in capturing random moments, and bringing them to life. We always look to add more content to our site, so do keep in touch with us.  

We are always reachable. You can use live chat, submit a Contact Us note, we love to hear from our customers and we are happy to answer any questions you might have.

Why do we call ourselves Jumping Toads? Because we felt the name was unconventional, and memorable. And that is who we are!


A picture of three people, plus a dog, seen from the ankles down only. The three people, and the dog, are in a line and stood on a wooden floor
You might notice that we have a few images with shoes in unusual places. We do like a pair of shoes, and we put this photograph together. We got photo bombed by someone who doesn't have a pair of shoes! Spot the odd one out