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Personalised Vinyl Record Jigsaw Puzzle, Choose Album.

This Jigsaw Puzzle features a classic vinyl playing on a record player, which you can personalised with your own message. 

Available as 500 or 1000 piece colourful wooden puzzle, this will brighten a lazy afternoon whilst listening to your latest LP. Our record player puzzle, perfect for vinyl lovers, can be customised with your chosen text across the jigsaw. We offer you a list of albums and designs to pick from (including our vinyl record collection display jigsaw!), which you can select from our drop down boxes during ordering. 

Our music themed jigsaw comes with box showing image of the puzzle, as well as a protective bag for you to store the pieces. The rear of the record puzzle has letters on the back of each piece giving guidance as to rough area it belongs to..incase you need the help ;)


We have a few albums for you to pick from. Just select from the drop down box what you prefer. We have the following available currently:

  • The Beatles Abbey Road
  • The Beatles Sergeant Pepper
  • Pink Floyd DSOTM
  • The Cure
  • Miles Davis
  • Blank Black Vinyl
  • Blank Blue Vinyl
  • A Record Case of Vinyl Records
  • The Smiths


Yes, but please contact us before placing an order so we can check if we have that album available. We have some classic albums in our collection, but we clearly do not have everything. So please do get in touch to check if we can help you. We would love to hear from you.


Compose your own text on jigsaw. Simply enter the text into the personalisation text box below. Leave blank if you do not want any text printed.


Material: Wood
500 piece: Puzzle size 52 x 38cm
1000 piece: Puzzle size 75 x 50cm

Delivery Estimates

10-15 working days (all locations)

Original price £24.99 - Original price £29.99
Original price
£24.99 - £29.99
Current price £24.99
Size: 500 Piece
Album Choice: The Beatles Abbey Road
Enter below, the personalised text you would like printed on the Jigsaw. Leave the box BLANK if you do NOT want any text printed:

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